Five Things Adults Should Know Before Going Back to School

Going back to college? You will be joining millions of adults who are opting to go back to school. However, so much has changed since the last time you were in class. Here’s what you should know before enrolling as an adult learner.

1. You can get credits for what you already know
You do not have to spend money, time and effort in taking classes to learn what you already know. You can opt to get credits for your experience through options like Prior Learning Assessment. Ex-militants can also earn credit for military training that corresponds to college courses.

2. Degree programs are now very flexible
A common excuse that most adults use in a bid to escape completing their degree is that they now have adulthood responsibilities. It’s true that balancing family, work and college can be a hurdle, but it is worth the effort. Luckily, higher education institutions throughout the country are now offering programs that can be taken online. You can also opt for hybrid courses that have weekend and night classes.

3. Employer tuition assistance benefits are common
Statistics have it that about 61 percent of organizations in the United States offer tuition assistance benefits. As companies focus on educating and empowering their workforce, this number is expected to increase. Talk to your employer and find out if you qualify for these benefits.

4. Postsecondary education is in demand
Without an educated workforce, our economy cannot meet the demands for complex jobs. A report by Georgetown University stated that by 2018, 63 percent of jobs would require a college diploma. When everybody acquires postsecondary education, the whole nation will benefit.

5. Advising staff now understand the needs of adult students
College advisors are not there for the young students only; they also understand what adult students require and are willing to help out. They know the challenges that nontraditional students face. So, they are willing to guide them.